Douglas the DUGONG is back with his TODDLER! :) 28th March 2016

So I can confirm today that Douglas the Dugong now has a son/daughter.
After finishing our first dive during our surface interval we spotted not 1 but TWO DUGONGS!!! At first I thought it was a dolphin as the size was not anywhere close to the size of Douglas then only to realise that within seconds later another popped up which was 3 times the size. Then only did I realise it was a BABY DUGONG!!! Amazing.

So here is a photo from our second dive up close and personal. Less than a metre away.


I could even hear the 2 of them communicating to each other UNDERWATER! WOW!!!


Annual Whale Migration – Nov 18th 2015

What a fantastic year this has been at Aquatica Dive.

Blue whales doing their annual whale migration in November.

2016 is going to be a FANTASTIC YEAR ๐Ÿ˜€

Blue Whale

Exploring new areas of Atauro Island (27.8.15)


School of Barracuda (27.8.15) School of Bonita (27.8.15)-2 School of Bonita (27.8.15) School of fish (27.8.15)

Exploring new areas west of Atauro Island today and we may have stumbled on to an awesome new dive site. ๐Ÿ˜€

Black Tip Sharks, napoleon wrasse, a school of Bonito circling us, schools upon schools of barracuda, HUGE TUNA’S!!!, lobsters and a turtle.

It was that AWESOME we dived the same dive site TWICE!!!

Can’t wait to do it again!!!


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